A possible way forward - starting "collaborators connect"

There has been some discussion of ways forward, including the idea of a group "collaborators connect". Today I wrote an "open letter" email in reply to Janet Feldman's questions about "collaborators connect'. I also copied it to the Internet. You can read what it said here - http://dadamac-collaborators-connect.posterous.com/starting-collaborator....

I am guessing who might like to be involved initially in "collaborators connet", and will add more names as they are suggested to me. I am adding the initial names (without first asking for permission) in the hope of getting a core group of collaborators in place by March 26th. Once people have been named as contributors they will be ble to raise the visibility of any collaborative activities they have in mind to take forward after the memorial day. They will be able to post emails about their projects directly to dadamac-collaborators-connect@posterous.com.

Two things will happen to such a post. It will be visible on the Internet for anyone to see (but without the eamil of the sender - only their name is shown). It will also be sent to the mailbox of other contributors as part of a daily digest.

I hope that "collborators connect" will prove useful for people who connect with Maria and her memory, and who have ideas or hopes for future collaboration - collaboration not only with people who are already part of her netwrok, but with many other people who we will also gradually bring into the group.