Update about the CHCs

The newly established Community Health Committees were discussedat the weekly UK-Nigeria online meeting (16/3/11). The previous day John had attended two meetings of communities who are in the process of setting up their own CHC. The feedback was that one community meeting was well attended and enthusiastic and the other community not so much. Hausa was the language spoken at both of the meetings. John reported that the acquisition of a smart phone had proved invaluable for him for accessing the internet. he went on to inform us that a blackberry in Kafanchan will cost up to N30,000, UKP125 and that the monthly charges are high, N3,000, UKP 12.5 per month. However he hopes that with competition growing, this will get cheaper. The team is currently looking at software from Acumen Insights which should make it easier for the Nigerian team to access the internet via a smart phone. John want to explore using smart phones for use with the CHCs and sees them as being of potential use not only for health but also for other development purposes.