Dadamac in the UK

Thanks to our UK presence you can easily interact with us:

  • Meet us face-to-face in the UK
  • Connect with us here by phone and Internet - avoiding the challenges of African telecoms
  • Benefit from our strategies for effective cross-cultural collaboration
  • Use our help and advice gained through extensive experience
  • Work through us with local activists in Africa
  • Engage with people and groups in deprived urban and rural areas
  • Learn the realities of their lives
  • Join existing projects or create new ones

Pamela McLean (co-founder of Dadamac) is based in the UK. Since 2000 Dadamac
people in UK and Africa have been collaborating and overcoming
communication problems. Now Dadamac UK brings Africa to you. We
co-ordinate all Dadamac projects. We give advice and information so
your plans are firmly fixed in reality.  We make the most of the
Internet, and then we make the most of local knowledge and networks to
keep on communicating. Dadamac doesn't stop where the technology
stops.  We go where the people go. Through Dadamac these networks are
your networks.  Your entry point is Dadamac UK.

Work with us in the way that suits you best

Contact us about Dadamac in the UK or: