There are many references to hardware and software at - but the references are scattered around. Hence this section of the website. (designed to point to all the stories that relate to particular pieces of hardware and software, when it is complete).

For a start (December 2010) we will make a list of what we have used, gradually we will add more details. You can  contact us for more details of anything this is of particular interest.

The list gives an idea of what is (or has been) important to us - mostly for UK-Africa collaboration, but also some in use at Fantsuam for education, training and development purposes:

  • Emails (on own computers and in African cyber cafes)
  • Instant messaging (various)
  • Emailing groups (yahoo and google)
  • Wikis (our own and other people's)
  • Moodle (more for administration than course presentation)
  • Drupal - for
  • Chat rooms and text based online conferencing
  • Skype audio and video
  • Audio-graphic conferencing / webinars
  • Google docs and spreadsheets
  • Open office
  • Other software in use at Fantusam to be added later
  • Computers - PCs and laptops (new and refurbished)
  • Everything that Zittnet provides at Fantsuam to enable connectivity
  • Phones (including smart phones since 2008)
  • Cameras

We may also add details of other hardware - not just digital - related to getting online (appropriate power) and that may spill over into other appropriate technology equipment.