Introducing Ostradef

Today I am with my friend Chief Gbade Adejumo from Okeho, in Oke-Ogun, Oyo State, Nigeria. He is visiting the UK and we are taking the opportunity to catch up and to see how we can collaborate in the future.


Gbade has been telling me about Okeho Strategic Development Foundation (Ostradef). It was founded in 2010, by a group of Okeho indigens who are concerned about the low level of development of the town and want to do something about it.

Looking forward

Gbade and I are looking at how Dadamac and Ostradef can work together in future.

ICT4D - Nigeria, a ginger crop and the Internet

I've been reading "Development and ICT4D - Too many pilot projects and not enough regular service" Amongst the stories of failures and success were references to helping farmers. This reminded me of Veronica (who is a teacher and a farmer in rural Nigeria). I thought I would share the story of her experience of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies).

Witchcraft, Microfinance, Sulabh Toilets, Kafanchan Bandwidth Consortium

These were the topics John updated us on in the last week of January in emails and at our UK-Nigeria Dadamac meeting

Emails from John - social protection/witch-craft and other updates


Sulabh Toilets

Kafanchan Bandwidth Consortium

Goats and running water

Fast Tractor

Project Organisation: 
Project is Active: 

(Updated August 2013 and March 2014)

Fast Tractor is a UK based initiative started in May 2012 to help Fantsuam Foundation purchase a government subsidised tractor. The tractor is to use at Attachab and to share, at a fair rent, with local farmers.

The initiators

The initiators were Steve Podmore and Pamela McLean.


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