Kafanchan Violence: The legacy

Nearly four months after Kafanchan’s post-election violence, we were sad to learn from John Dada that staffing at Fantsuam is still suffering the effects.

Chollom, the network administrator who was displaced during the troubles, has now understandably relocated to Jos. Likewise Yakubu, a recent arrival, has also returned to Jos at the insistence of his worried family.

Before the troubles Kafanchan was widely perceived to be safer than Jos, so the UK team were disturbed to learn from John that this is no longer true. He said: “I think this is the often unseen and untold price that organisations and individuals continue to pay for sectarian violence, even long after the incident itself. Jos now appears safer than Kafanchan - but the FF view is, if we did not stay to promote the peace, who would?”

On the positive side, two new female volunteers have joined FF, one of whom will be taking over the role left vacant by Yakubu's departure.

To learn more about the situation at Kafanchan please read Lagun Akinloye’s article for Think Africa Press, which the team were also pleased to see had also appeared in the Daily Times. John said: “I was wondering where the Daily Times story came from, then I realised it was Lagun's report! It was very well written, and Daily Times has a high urban circulation in Nigeria. The national exposure which Lagun's article gives us is great.”


Rural Realities

I am sad to report that this week’s online meeting between thIe UK and Fantsuam Foundation brought some distressing news. We have long been aware of the type of local community responsibilities that John Dada shoulders, and yet again this became apparent during our latest session.

Kafanchan Peace Market Traders launched

The weekly online UK-Nigeria meetings have been established in their present format for more than three years. However, following Nigeria’s terrible post-election violence, John this week identified a new and unexpected benefit of our regular sessions - explaining that the Dadamac meetings are “evolving into a balm, a tonic, a forum where Fantsuam Foundation can unburden ...

Getting back to Business

John joined this week’s online UK-Nigeria session from Abuja, where he was due to attend a number of meetings - the most significant of which from our point of view was with the French Embassy. At this, John was to discuss the promised support for Attachab. Meanwhile Kelechi and Chollom joined us from Fantsuam while the UK provided three participants, based in Leeds and London.

We were pleased to hear there are reports of some semblance of normality returning to Kafanchan as people of all faiths were beginning to interact at the old and new market sites.

John informed us that as yet there have been no Government directives on the re-building of the market. Apparently it is not yet seen as a priority. He said the Committee was going to see how best to fit/feed into whatever the Government may eventually choose to do. In the meantime they are trying to meet the needs of their local community.

John also informed us that so far one woman has collected her N30,000 loan towards restarting her business - and that the remaining six beneficiaries will receive theirs when Comfort returns.

These women clients were selected by the field officer. John believes that five are  Christian and the remaining two are Muslim. This reflects the proportion of these religions in FF’s clientele. John also pointed out that each woman trader is in turn supporting at least six family members, including their children, spouse, aged parents etc

Fantsuam Foundation Annual Report 2010


Executive Summary – JOHN DADA (CEO)

Through the commitment and dedication of staff, volunteers, partner organisations and donors, Fantsuam Foundation has this year continued its journey towards its vision of becoming the most effective model of rural development in West Africa. Our integrated approach is enabling us to continue improving on the level of impact and change we have on individual beneficiary's life, e.g. an OVC client benefiting from psycho-social support as well as being supported to develop a secure livelihood through BDS training and a loan to get started in business. Organizationally we have also continued to implement our comprehensive Organizational Development plan, making great strides in strengthening the capacity of our staff and volunteers, our systems, processes and procedures to enable more effective and efficient working.


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