First Thursday - sharing the June archive

First Thursday is an online meeting that I hold once a month.I go online for an hour and some of my geograhically scattered friends and contacts drop by for a chat, and have the opportunity to meet each other - more about how "First Thursday" works

It is a great opportunity to exchange information and knowledge from very different cultural perspectives (this month we have people from Nigeria, USA and UK).

Ramadhan (Tanzania) on Poverty and Population Increasing

Message to Pamela and Dadamac community

Thank you for your  patrotism to invite us again  

 to the meeting place for Dadamac's "First Thusday" meeting


Dear members as we are keeping on moving in  

threshold of the 21st Century , a  Century  that is  characterizing  by  competition. It is clear, therefore, that  this Century be a Century dominated by those with advanced technological capacity, high productivity, modern and efficient transport and communication infrastructure and, above all highly skilled manpower imbued with initiative. If we are to be active participants in global developments of the twenty –first we must, as a Individual, find the ways of improving and strethening ourselves in these areas"Povert and Population increasing"

Today's generation of young people is the largest in history. Over 3 billion people - nearly half of the world's population - are under the age of 25.  It is crucial that we engage the young decision makers of tomorrow in the development decisions of today.  I hope that,  the Teacher talking  Program in Kenya will keep on rolling so that to imancipate young generation from mental slavish awareness and creativity.

925 million people do not have enough to eat - more than the populations of USA, Canada and the European Union; 

(Source: FAO news release,  

Releated Project: 

Kafanchan Peace Market Traders launched

The weekly online UK-Nigeria meetings have been established in their present format for more than three years. However, following Nigeria’s terrible post-election violence, John this week identified a new and unexpected benefit of our regular sessions - explaining that the Dadamac meetings are “evolving into a balm, a tonic, a forum where Fantsuam Foundation can unburden ...

Todays First Thursdays

This is our plan for Today's First Thursday.

Informal chat before and after the main session.
We can chat informally before and after our main session, but in the main session we will focus on some set topics. If people arrive during the main session then Nikki will greet them on behalf of all of us.

Set topics for discussion.

The set topics reflect the interests of people who said in advance that they hope to attend. These topics are:

First Thursday - aims and practicalities

Hi Vijay

Welcome back. Thanks for your helpful feedback on your First Thursday experience. You raise many good points and I would like to address them all very seriously. I suggest that we take our time to explore them all in more detail, so in this post I will give an overall response and suggest some structure for our discussions.

March FT- Kitchen Gardens and Jatropha

The First Thursday chat on March 4th at 12.00 GMT/UTC will focus on two of our permaculture interests - kitchen gardens and jatropha. The plan is that Marcus Simmons will join the chat as our permaculture adviser. One or more people from the Dadamac team in Nigeria will also chat. They will discuss what has been happening since Marcus's visit a few months ago. It is still very early days, so the discussion will be about first practical steps that have been taken (or are being planned) by the permaculture early adopters, and what else they need to know.

Down to earth

It will be very down to earth. How are the jatropha seedlings getting on? They are being carefully tended during the intense heat of the end of the dry season, waiting for the rains to come to give good conditions for planting out - but are they surviving okay? What of the kitchen garden ideas? What is the feedback on the keyhole gardening? Has anyone done any follow up on setting up a personal kitchen garden? What problems are people facing? What information is it useful to exchange?

February First Thursday Feedback

Keyhole Garden at Ungwar MasaraToday's First Thursday meeting was a mixture of networking and discussing permaculture. It brought together people from Minciu Sodas, from the Video Bridge workshop and from the Dadamac Community in the UK and Nigeria.

Topics mentioned included the possibility of practicing permaculture on a very small scale, the impact of permaculture, and if it was difficult to practice.


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