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Climate Change and going for ‘Green’ in the New Year

Wednesday saw the first UK-Nigeria online meeting of 2011, and it was straight down to business as usual.

Following on from discussions at the Dadamac Day (Local goes Global) - and from the Directors’ meeting at the end of 2010 - the topic of climate change had already been identified as a focus for the New Year.

Climate Change Solutions for Poor Farmers

Hi Pam, Nikki, John and others in the dadamac team and community,

Here is something that all of you would find interesting and useful.

I just read an interesting story on agricultural solutions for farmers to tackle the multiple challenges of climate change, desertification, high energy demand and an exploding population.

Climate change, peak oil, special interest groups

Hi Vijay.

You were thinking about climate change, its impact on Africa, and the reliability of forecasters. We don't have any current Dadamac project or Special Interest Group (SIG) related to climate change, but that doesn't mean that we couldn't have one. Dadamac is concerned with using the Internet to help people rub minds and learn from each other - especially people who could never have connected with each other before the Internet existed.

Why Maldives is Worried About Climate Change?

President of Maldives Mohamed Nasheed is one of the most outspoken spokespersons on the immediate need to end the climate impasse (over caps on carbon emissions) between the developed West and emerging countries like China and India. He believes that climate is now becoming a security than an environmental issue.

Nasheed is more worried than other heads of states since he fears (based on predictions by scientists) that his island nation might cease to exist owing to rise in sea levels triggered by climate change. In an article published in The New York Times just a month after he got elected in December 2008, Nasheed wrote that "for the first time in the country's history, the Maldives faces a new threat. The new danger is of apocalyptic, existential proportions, and it looms silently, invisibly and menacingly over our azure horizon." He brought the extreme vulnerability of his country to the global centre stage by holding an underwater meeting of his Cabinet.

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