Sending Photos

Use the comments here to discuss sending in Photos from Africa.. Pam tells me there a huge bandwidth problems with sending in images for us to upload to the web.

We don't need high resolution for posting to the web, infact if you send them as web resolution, its easier for us.

You can make a photo ready for the web by resizing it to use 72dpi as the resolution, and sizing the image to 800 pixels by 600 pixels (so we can link to a large image), or if that is too big in terms of file size, try 640 pixels by 480 pixels.

Not sure what counts as a large file on the rurual connectivity, so please add as a comment here for our info.

You can send via e-mail to Pam, or if your feeling adventorus, try using flickr or simillar.



thanks andyb i really appreciated your effort of carrying me along despite all unfavourable conditions that surround me.I will surely try what you have said. my main problem is my phone not connecting well with the system using Zain. thanks to Ricardo his effort has been helpful but anytime I use my phone as modem it will not open some important pages i needed and the customer care I contacted told me to get a modem and my limitations will be off. thanks to you all


Dadamac Ago-Are

Hi Fobia Please tell me more info about the hardware and software you are using so I can advise, also do you know what bandwidth you get (in MB/s or KB/s). Thanks AndyB