Dadamac is a collaborative organisation. We connect with many individuals and groups in formal and informal ways, and welcome new collaborators.

Key partners

Dadamac's main partner organisations are Fantsuam Foundation (see Fantsuam Foundation and Dadamac) and Zittnet (see Rural Connectivity)

We also work closely with Kabissa (see introduction to Tobias Eigen)

Organisations we appreciate -  due to present or past support or collaboration

Over the years we have come to appreciate various organisations through collaborations and so on. Some links have been with Dadamac, some have been directly wiht one or other of the Dadamac directors and co-founders (John Dada and Pamela McLean), other links have been with John or Pamela in their work within other organisations and networks - especially Fantsuam Foundation, Zittnet, Cawdnet, and Oke-Ogun Community Development Network.

As this website develops and we need to refer to the organisations in detail we will add them to our list of organisations (currently to be found within our "introductions list" at

So far (October 2010) in that list we have referred to:

  • VSO - Voluntary Service Overseas