News from UK-Nigeria meeting

At this week’s UK-Nigeria online meeting John Dada was able to update us about the important work that he and Fantsuam Foundation are doing for the elderly woman in their community. Previously we had heard about the ongoing Kakas (grandmothers) programme and John had recently told us the Helpage International had asked FF to collect some of the "voices" of the Kakas to input into the UN Review of the Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing and its Political Declaration, MIPAA. Focus groups have now be organised so that we can listen to and learn from these Grandmothers.
John explained that: “There is no support whatsoever from the Government for the elderly, and children used to be the old-age insurance. This has now changed as many youths are jobless and are still dependent on their ageing parents. Matters are compounded for the elderly women here especially if they are widows, childless, or if their children died. They get accused of witchcraft, we had one of such at yesterday's session,(Tuesday) and promptly enrolled her in Kakas programme“

Other news:
Attachab: John tells us that :”We have paid the deposit for the Attachab borehole and solar installation. Work has also resumed on the classroom. We will reactivate one of the fishponds in the next couple of weeks”.

Ago-Are Dadamac Outpost: Encouraging conversations are taking place which we hope will one day eventually lead to broadband for the local community. In the meantime John and Pam are supporting Fola in his work in getting his community online.
The photo above was sent to us by Fola this week and shows the information centre at Ago-Are that he hopes to reopen one day soon.

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