Moving in - Useful Links

I am looking at my email inbox and thinking what emails I should choose to reply to as I "move in" to my space here at As I look, I realise that I will probably be making reference to information published on the Internet within my replies. This means it would be helpful to have the relevant links easily to hand.

If I have to refer to a link in one of my emails I'll try to put it here as well, that way I should save myself time in future, and the information will be available to anyone else who wants it. Probably it won't stay here, because it should be somewhere easier to find - but I can sort that out later, when I have moved in properly and have a better idea of what I want and where it should go. I will try to explain the context of the links as I go along, which should make me less of an information bottleneck.

Arcilla research - Ceramics without firing (Paul Rayar's website with good background on the technology, but needs some updating about people etc) Dadamac and Arcilla are exploring possible ways of working together.

BIsharat - online home of Don Osborn's work on African languages and ICT. Pam appreciated her welcome there in her early days of involvement in things now related to Dadamac.

Global Villages Franz Nahrada's yahoo group. Pam and Franz know each other through Minciu Sodas. We are exploring the inter-connetedness of Global Villages; Attachab Eco-Village; Video-bridges; Pam's interests in ICT and education; and Peer to Peer.


Interact 2009 - Conference (online and F2F). Organisers that Pam already knew: Andy Dearden, Sheffield Hallam University,  Niall Winters, London Knowledge Lab 

London Knowledge Lab - relevance - we network informally with people there - Josh Underwood, Niall Winters, Yishay Mor, and Pam attends various worshops etc.

Media Ecologies Workshop on Collaborative Platforms November 2009. Conveners: Michel Bauwens (Peer to Peer), Phoebe Moore, Nathan Cravens. Franz Nahrada brought it to Pam's attention.

Peer to Peer Foundation (P2P) - in a nutshell

Peer to Peer Foundation (P2P) - ning group

Peer to Peer Foundation (P2P) - wiki

Streaming, Sharing and Learning (SSL) – A workshop on the options for and the use of Interactive Digital Video over long distances in adult education January 2010. Franz Nahrada (leader of Global Villages) is organising it

VIRT3C@Hull 2010 Developing the Virtual Society: Conflict in Adoption of CollaborativeNetworks 19-20 March

Yoruba language and ICT discussion list Offshoot of Don Osborn's BIsharat site, Pam's contacts Tunde Adegbola and "Sir Lawie" are active participants,