News of the rescued Children

This update, about some of the children that Fantsuam Foundation recently rescued in rural Nigeria, was kindly sent  by Frances.

"You may remember that in December 2009 the HD (HIV Department) 'rescued three children - two brothers and a sister . Both their parents had died (the mother from AIDS) and their uncle had left them in the care of his wife in the village while he remained at work in the city of Kaduna. Unfortunately financial pressures on the family meant that these children were not welcomed and they were blamed for any misfortune in the family and finally branded as 'witches' by the 'prayer house'. Thankfully the uncle sought help from Fantsuam and workers from HD assessed the case and from their investigation and previous knowledge they realised their lives could be in danger . One worker pursued those who were taking the little girl by motor bike, even further away from the village into the bush. Since that time the girl has been living with a family but the two boys were placed in a children's home. There are about twenty children in the home in the care of a couple with children of their own including a new baby. With the best will in the world the couple cannot meet the needs of all these children. So it was decided to look for a foster mother for the two brothers.

Events moved on very quickly when the two brothers moved last Sunday to what promises to be an excellent foster home. The boys will be able to attend the same school as their sister and the foster mother's own children. It turns out that the foster mother knows the children's home and her elder boy had already befriended one of the brothers and helped him fetch water from the well as he was having difficulties due to a foot injury. The foster mother had a room painted for the boys; the school tailor will make their uniforms and meanwhile they have new clothes to start school.

The brothers and sister will now see each other daily at school rather than about once a month as before and the sister can also spend some weekends with them and they with her.

Fantsuam realises these brothers are only two among many children in need but at least they can do their best for these two brothers to enhance their life chances and learn from the experience. Meanwhile HD continues to support those with HIV/AIDS and still receives reports of other children who may be in similar need."