You and Us

Thanks for clicking this link. Your easiest next step is to simply e-mail me, , to explain who you are and to start exploring our overlapping interests.

We connect with people in many different ways. You may want to connect with our work on a commercial basis through Dadamac Limited, or with our voluntary work and social programs through Dadamac Foundation, or you may find that we can collaborate simply because it is mutually beneficial and we are all learning something useful in the process - Dadamac Open Knowledge.

Maybe you are:

  • An academic or developer of some kind, needing more connections with the “real world” and wanting to show long-term local benefit from your work.
  • Someone who needs to hire the skills and knowledge of people through Dadamac Limited.
  • Someone with time to spare and an interest in doing something useful through the voluntary work and social programs of Dadamac Foundation.
  • Someone who wants to learn new skills and connect with interesting people.
  • A philanthropist, looking for a project you can really care about and be closely involved in.
  • A student in need of a project (perhaps studying international development, or informatics, or doing an MBA and wondering about social entrepreneurship, or some thing like that.)
  • Someone whose interests overlap the interests of Dadamac and you just have a feeling it would be mutually beneficial to do something together.

What you see on the website is only a partial picture of what we're doing–so please contact me, , and we can start to explore overlapping interests and win-win arrangements.