From Hausa to Rice - all in a week's work!

Another Wednesday UK-Nigeria online meeting - and once again it delivered real gems of information.

  • During the week John Dada sent an email about the Zitt localization Project which raises the importance of local languages. Please see blog for additional information. Following on from this the team heard that Beekeeping manuals had been received at Fantsuam Foundation and that these were currently being translated into Hausa by FF staff. The plan is then to send a translated copy back to the UK, where photos will be inserted and the manuals made into hard copies which will be sent back to FF.These manuals will add to the resources at the Knowledge Resource Centre. This is an example of how several of the weekly topics often overlap: in this case, Beekeeping, Attachab and the Knowledge Resource Centre.
  • Two printers were sent to FF and have been installed in the classrooms. For the background on this please read Pam’s Posterous account.
  • John sent Comfort’s apologies as she had to attend another meeting about FF’s Rice Project.
  • The team were able to express their delight to be working again with Ricardo looking at cameras and opportunities for small business development. The team were given an update re the logistics of buying and sending a camera and a high quality photo printer to FF.
  • The team also reflected on the previous First Thursday meeting and started to plan for the next meeting (scheduled for 4th November). The current plan is to incorporated the celebration of the 5th Dadamac Day with supporting the development of the Knowledge Resource Centre .