Doh! I need a #dadamac wiki

I've finally realised that I need a wiki. Here are five reasons why.

  1. When I write blogs I often want to refer to other information pages and blogs (my own and other peoples)  but it takes a long time to find all the links and make them live.
  2. I often want to write stuff that "won't make sense on its own" - but it would make sense if it was able to somehow "nestle in context"
  3. I'm always being reprimanded for going off at tangents in my talking and thinking - but thoughts and ideas don't connect in a linear way.
  4. When I'm sharing something I find it hard to discriminate between the "Must know", "Should know" and 'Could know". I want to offer the lot. 
  5. I'm good at connecting things up and seeing patterns. The patterns help me to make sense of things. I want to set out the patterns and insights (and the raw materials for the patterns and insights) somewhere they can be easily explored by anyone who'd find them useful.

There are many more reason (including all the ones my wiki-evangelist friends have been trying to convince me with for years) - but five is plenty for a list.

Questions are:

  • Now I know I need one where do I find it?
  • What are the chances that if I put all my info on a wiki, it will simply vanish at some future date?
  • How would I back it up?

Any suggestions? Please sent them to me via the contact form.