How to fight Boko Haram - Avaaz - please read and respond

From: Wale Samuel with Avaaz <>
Date: Fri, 16 May 2014 10:37:22 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: How to fight Boko Haram

Dear friends across Nigeria,

Following Boko Haram's horrific attacks on our girls, a deep sadness
has fallen over our country. What if these were my children, nephews
or cousins? At times like this, it is hard to be hopeful. But as a
passionate education Campaigner, I and my friends in Nigeria see
within this crisis a golden opportunity to not only beat these
extremists, but transform the future for all of our children if we
come together and act today.

The government has a N41 billion fund specifically for education, but
tragically most of this money hasn’t been spent. Nigeria is in the
middle of an education emergency, with our schools on the frontline
and 10 million of our children locked out of the classroom. Let’s call
on our President to urgently review our education system, so we can
both improve the quality of education and send every Nigerian child to

Corruption coupled with a seeming preference to build classrooms
rather than hire teachers has worsened the education crisis in
Nigeria. Let’s build a massive call demanding President Jonathan put
Nigeria’s children first, not last. Sign the urgent petition now --
when we reach 10,000 signatures, Avaaz will pile a tower of
schoolbooks outside his office to demand action.

The Universal Basic Education Commission’s (UBEC) money should be
transforming lives, but some governors would rather prioritise quick
wins instead of long-term education projects.

This won’t be an easy problem to solve, and it will years to see
results. UBEC has a lot of offer, but it is currently being undermined
by undue political interference and funds’ misapplication. Schools
should be protected so students don’t feel afraid anymore, more
schools need to be built, staffed and resourced with women teachers so
that parents send their girls to school and lastly, the school feeding
program that incentivised kids going to school should be reinstated.

The government has everything it needs to fight this war on education,
except the leadership and political will to act. Massive pressure on
President Jonathan and the State Governors who are responsible for
provision of basic education is our best chance to protect future
generations from letting extremists win this battle. Sign the urgent
petition now to secure the future for thousands of Nigerian children:

The Avaaz community has stood up for education and human rights around
the world. Now education is under fire in Nigeria and these innocent
children need our support. We could be their only chance for survival
-- there is no time to lose.

With hope and determination,

Wale Samuel with the Avaaz team

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