Kris Dev and Community Centric Sustainable Development Model

It was a pleasant surpise to read a Dadamac contact form message today that had substance (after a run of spammy adverts). It was from Kris Dev. I connect that name with the name of Peter Burgess and with various posts they have written over the years about transparency, accounting and development.  I have copied and pasted the message below, just as it arrived in my inbox, please forgive me if the result therefore includes some odd formatting.

True Democracy and devolution is a failure the worldover. Authority and autocracy in various names and forms is ruling the roost.

If devolution has to be successful, it must be truly bottom-up. Equally important is total equality, transparency and accountability.

By equality I mean equitable distribution of resources on genuine needs of the community. By transparency I mean all actions to be in the public domain and the public becomes the watchdog of community and society. By accountable I mean every individual and organisation should hold themselves completely a countable for their acts of commission and omission.

Community Centric Sustainable Development Model from the local to the national level through various stages community self administrative entities in concentric circles evolving bottom-up and resources getting distributed equitably in a transparent way.

No transaction should go hidden from the eyes of the world. For this currency needs to be demonetized in stages and instead biometric smart card based transaction tracking introduced and placed in the public domain. By this no individual or organization or nation should be able to take supremeacy and cheat any other individual or organization or community or nation and get away with it. Traceability will hold every one accountable for every transaction and any wrong doing can be reversed at any time as cash dealings would not be resorted to.

The so called fly-by-night money making powers that be would vanish into thin air and genuine service minded people would come forward to contribute to the community and society would be benefited.

We need to introduce such transparency systems for the collective benefit. This would reverse the present trend of might over right and usurping the livelihood of the poor. Is would help us grow more food grains to feed all and improve the standard of living odf all communities, nations and society with better utilisation of resources.

Just my personal thoughts. Reactions most welcome.

Kris Dev
ICT & e-Gov Consultant
International Transparency & Accountability Network (Tr-Ac-Net)