First Thursday August 1st 2013 - full chat archive

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Taken from the etherpad where we held the First Thursday meeting on August 1st 2013

The version below is a "cut and paste" from the etherpad where we met - but the layout is easier to read than the original version.

Introductions - written by people as they join the First Thursday chat

  • Pamela McLean. UK. I'm usually online for an hour on the First Thursday of the month.It is a good opportunity to catch up with people, and to share news and tips, and to introduce people to each other.

  • Fola: a teacher from ago are

  • Kazanka Comfort Development worker from Kafanchan, Nigeria

  • Gerry Gleason: Chicago -- As of Monday working at Tribune Technology

  • Julliet  Makhapila  :  Community development worker  and Innovator and founder of Diversity in Communities

  • Shinggu is from Fantsuam Foundation

  • Ken Owino. : Kenya - Social worker, Activist and perfoming Artist.

  • (Written by Pamela) Jeff LaHay joined us briefly from USA when he pulled of the road to buy some gas/petrol - see previous First Thursday meeting for his details

  • (Written by Pamela) Ayorinde Olalekan - Nigeria - sent me an email saying he was trying to join us but his connection kept failing

14:49 Pamela: HI Just checking if anyone is here early

14:49 Pamela: I was talking to Julliet earlier and she hopes to be here

14:55 Pamela: ken owino has said he plans to be here

14:56 Pamela: For various reasons I didn't send out any reminders earlier in the week as I sometimes do

14:58 Pamela: A couple of my contacts from Ago-are were online recently - both started chats wih me on facebook within minutes of each other - but from different locations.t

14:59 Pamela: They were explaining about problems they still face in joining us here.

15:21 Pamela: i'm having trouble with my connection today

15:23 Pamela: It keeps dropping. i hope I'll be okay to be here during the next hour.

15:35 Julliet: hey pamela

15:36 Julliet: hey ken

15:37 Julliet: I am excited to tell everyone how we are getting on with our learning with the computers that were donated

15:37 Julliet: we are very busy with them

15:38 Comfort: Hi Pam

15:38 Julliet: itwould be nice to get more computer donations and this is really helping in our commuity in kenya

15:40 Comfort: Hi Julliet

15:42 Julliet: The children and women we have had so far had never touched a computer and it is exciting for us to see the joy of them learning and enjoying

15:42 Julliet: wish we had more compuers

15:42 Julliet: computers

15:42 Julliet: Hey comfort

15:42 unnamed: Good afternoon to you all on 1st Thursday of the month

15:42 Comfort: Am sorry i need to first introduce myself

15:43 unnamed: Shinggu

15:43 Julliet: who r u unnamed? good afternoon to you

15:43 Comfort: Comfort Kazanka is my name

15:43 unnamed: My name is Shinngu

15:43 Julliet: welcome shinngu and comfort

15:43 Comfort: Nigeria

15:43 Julliet: am in london

15:44 Pamela: Sorry I lost my connectio again. I'm delighted you are meetign each other.

15:44 unnamed: Nigeria

15:44 Comfort: I came online through Pam Dadamac

15:44 Comfort: welcome Pam

15:45 Comfort: Shinggu is joining us today

15:45 unnamed: Shinggu is glad to be with the team as Comfort stated

15:45 Julliet: pleased to meet you too comfort and shinggu

15:46 Pamela: Shinngu - please put your name in the space at the top RHS of the screen

15:46 Pamela: It is lovely you are meeting

15:46 Pamela: Julliet has a wonderful project in Kenya

15:47 fola: hi all

15:47 Julliet: comfort too please put your name on the RHS

15:47 Julliet: hi fola

15:47 fola: juliet hi

15:47 Julliet: heard alot abou you from pamela

15:47 Pamela: i hope the one day Dadamac will be able to help her the way it has helped Fantuam Foundatoin

15:47 fola: happy new month to you all

15:47 Pamela: Fola :)

15:47 Comfort: Yes she was alreading sharing

15:47 Pamela: You are here too

15:47 Pamela: that si so wonderful

15:47 fola: thanks juliet

15:48 Comfort: I already seen my name, not sure of where

15:48 Shinggu: Fola is great to get in touch again

15:48 Julliet: how is the website getting on and is pamela teaching you well! hahhaaaa

15:48 Comfort: Floa how are you?

15:48 fola: shingu thanks

15:49 Pamela: Please comfort and Julliet and Shingu - look on eh main panel on the LHS of the screen at lines 15 and 16

15:49 fola: i am fine ma

15:49 Julliet: yes I am looking

15:49 Pamela: Please add you details there to help anyone who joins us later

15:50 Pamela: HI Gerry

15:50 unnamed: Hi

15:50 fola: hi Gery

15:50 Pamela: wow - what a wonderful collection of people

15:51 Pamela: I can't remember who already knows who

15:51 Comfort: Ok Pam i written my name there

15:51 Julliet: how is fantsuam foundation getting on

15:51 Pamela: please also give your location Comfort

15:52 Julliet: I guess so much is happening and can be happening if one had the resources to do so

15:52 Comfort: is it ok

15:52 Pamela: Congratulations on the new job Gerry

15:52 Shinggu: Fantsuam is getting on well

15:52 Gerry: Thanks, so far I'm liking it a lot. Maybe I can help them revolutionize our industry :)

15:53 Pamela: Please everyon once you have written your introductions come back to the chat box here and enjoy getting to know each other

15:53 fola: i am here

15:54 Pamela: Fola are you on holidays now?

15:54 Pamela: are you in AA or Ibadan.

15:54 fola: i have resume for the course

15:54 fola: in lead city university ibadan

15:54 Pamela: By the way Chief Adejumo is in the UK to visit his daughter. He phoned me. We hope to meet this weekend in London

15:55 Julliet: what modules do you lead fola?

15:55 fola: lovely

15:55 fola: say me ell to him

15:55 Pamela: Fola tell us more about the course

15:55 fola: education management/english

15:56 Shinggu: Which institution Fola?

15:56 Pamela: I wish Chief had brouhgt your CD with him Fola - but I think I will not be that lucky ;)

15:56 fola: lead city university in collaboration with state universal basic education choose two teachers in all the 33 local governemnt in the state to offer four-year course in the university and i am privilleged to be one of them this year

15:57 fola: leadcity university ibadan

15:57 Pamela: Wow - congratulations Fola

15:57 fola: i dont even know he is coming around

15:57 fola: thanks

15:57 fola: it is a private university

15:57 Shinggu: Congratulations and represent the state and Nigeria well

15:58 fola: it is not leeds university

15:58 fola: but a nigerian university

15:58 fola: called lead city

15:58 fola: our fee are subsidised

15:58 fola: atleast

15:58 fola: i will shingu

15:58 Julliet: great fola

15:59 Shinggu: Ok i thought of Leeds in the UK

15:59 Julliet: please tell me about what you will be learning and doing in four years

15:59 Comfort: Where is that university ola?

15:59 Julliet: fola

16:00 Julliet: comfort and please tell me morw about what you are doing in nigeria

16:00 Julliet: by the way i am also kenyan

16:00 Julliet: and living in uk

16:01 Comfort: Waoo! we into rural development, an integrated development model

16:02 Comfort: But it seems you have a program running in kenya Julliet?

16:02 Julliet: comfort are you one of the vounteers for fantsuan

16:02 Comfort: Yes

16:02 Julliet: that is great

16:02 Julliet: how long have you been a volnteer for

16:03 fola: i have a class now i will check back

16:03 Comfort: a year ago

16:04 Shinggu: Fola enjoy your class for the day and thank you

16:04 Comfort: Ok bye Fola, enjoy your class

16:04 Julliet: I admire volunteers very much for the care theyy have for their community

16:04 fola: take care

16:04 Comfort: Yes it is true

16:04 Pamela: Bye Fola. Hey everyone i just got an email from Ayorinde Olalekan who has been trying to join us

16:04 Julliet: enjoy your class fola and please tell us more about what you are studying or teaching

16:06 Pamela: he He would have given us news of Ago-Are, and fish farming and much more.

16:06 Shinggu: The Volunteeiring spirit has been with us in Nigeria ffor a long time in

16:06 Comfort: This a common problem with technology, what Ayorinde is facing now.

16:07 Comfort: Let's keep hopin he joins us soon.

16:07 Pamela: At least we have a good opportunity to exchange information about FF and Julliet's project in kenya

16:08 Shinggu: Fola had to go but we hope to hear more from him next month

16:08 Comfort: Yes we do

16:08 Pamela: I'm not sure fi gerry is still with us (It is thanks to gerry adn the server in his basement that we can use etherpads for our First Thursday meetings)

16:08 Shinggu: What of Gerry is he still with us?

16:09 Pamela: let us Focus on FF and Julliet's project and how things like dadamac and first tursday meetings can help

16:10 Pamela: I would like us to learn from FF and thr UK-Nigeria meeting and the blogs etc

16:10 Pamela: I would like to find a way to also feed in blogs about what we share and learn at first Thursdays

16:11 Shinggu: Please can i know more about what Juliet is doing

16:11 Shinggu: in Kenya ?

16:11 Pamela: and also I would like dadamac to work with Julllet's project the way it has worked wiht FF

16:12 Pamela: Please Julliet tell us about your project

16:14 Shinggu: Hope Juliet is still with us

16:15 Julliet: yes

16:18 Shinggu: We would like to know more about your project

16:19 Shinggu: Are the others still on line with us?

16:21 Pamela: I am reading what you write

16:22 Pamela: I thnk we lost Comfort

16:22 Pamela: Julliet's project is in the Rift valley

16:23 Pamela: it began with a feeding project for some OVCs (Orphans and Vulnerable Children)

16:23 Pamela: Then it grew in many ways

16:24 Pamela: Shinggu I think you will understand that (from how FF grows in many ways in response to need)

16:25 Pamela: her project is supported by the local community and is run by local volunteers

16:25 Shinggu: What is the name of her project Pam? I really do as one project leads to the other and how the are all integrated to give a whole

16:26 Comfort: Yes am not sure what happend to the network

16:26 Pamela: I think it is Diverstiy in Communities - Kenya

16:27 Pamela: her latest triumph is to be given 5 computers

16:27 Pamela: That was just a couple of weeks ago

16:27 Comfort: Thanks Pam for the explanation on Julliet's project

16:28 Pamela: and she has started training people to use them

16:28 Pamela: you will love what she is doing

16:28 Shinggu: Indeed diversities exist in communities most especially in our local communites

16:28 Comfort: Yes i can see her excitement

16:29 Pamela: She is working with women - i think especcially ones who are responsible for OVCs

16:29 Julliet: thankyou shinggu

16:29 Shinggu: The Fantsuam experience that has given rise to a full fledged training on computer

16:30 Pamela: adn she also has a programme for people with disabilities

16:30 Shinggu: The care givers?

16:31 Pamela: I think she will gain new energy and encouragement from connecting with you

16:31 Shinggu: We have so much in common then and our collaboration would be highly beneficial to the project

16:32 Shinggu: Pam it does appear we are left on our own?

16:33 Pamela: You know how it is - the way the leaders and visionaries cannot share vision with people on the ground too early - how it is best to wait until the visioniis a clear plan and there is money to implement it ;-)

16:33 Pamela: ref - Shinggu: Pam it does appear we are left on our own?

16:34 Pamela: If julliet has a problem with her connection she will coem back later and will read what we have writtenl

16:35 Pamela: Let us leave her some good messages

16:35 Pamela: Then we should probably go and return to our normal work

16:35 Pamela: Thank you to everyone who joined me here today.

16:36 Shinggu: Thank you and see you again

16:42 Julliet: thx gerry

16:43 Julliet: one of the key challenges is tribalism

16:43 Julliet: and it is good to have manytribes

16:44 Julliet: many tribes

16:44 Julliet: tribes need to embrace each other

16:45 Julliet: thx pamela yes the computers are now being used in learning

16:45 Julliet: to improve ICT and also improve English and communication

16:46 Julliet: English literacy

16:47 Julliet: yes I work with people with disabilities

16:48 Julliet: and I am encouraging them to join us and I really wish someone would donate a Bus for us

16:48 Julliet: They enjoy playing volleyball

16:52 Julliet: keep up the good work volunteers and remember that the community benefits alot from the work that you do.

16:55 Julliet: try and support your community as much as you can and inspire others

16:56 Julliet: it does take people like you to bring the difference in the community

16:57 Ken Owino: Hi Pam and All

16:57 Julliet: where u been ken

16:57 Julliet: vipi- hallo

16:57 Julliet: where have you been

16:58 Julliet: Where have you been_ ulikuwa wapi?

16:58 Julliet: Welcome-karibu

16:59 Julliet: am fine ken

16:59 Julliet: am now teaching u all swahili

17:00 Julliet: bye

17:00 Julliet: bye

17:00 Pamela: hi ken

17:00 Pamela: please put your introduction

17:01 Pamela: ah I see you have

17:01 Pamela: sorry my connction is giving me problems today

17:02 Pamela: So I was not here when you arrived - I think you had a problem with time zones we were just finishing.

17:02 Julliet: comfort thx for the work you do in Nigeria pam tells me about you

17:03 Julliet: and how hard you work

17:03 Ken Owino: Hallo Juliet am using the phone but it is rather slow.

17:03 Pamela: Also I forgot to say that Jeff told me he would be travelling so could not join us today.

17:03 Pamela: Hi ken - i am so glad you and Julliet have has this chance to meet

17:04 Ken Owino: I just got from work and thought to check in and say Hi

17:04 Pamela: Two amazing kenyans who i much admire

17:04 Ken Owino: an sorry the meeting time doesn't always work well for me.

17:04 Pamela: both now firmly rooted in Europena culture and Kenyan culture

17:05 Ken Owino: And Juliet is in the UK right?

17:05 Pamela: Yes ken - International time zones are a probelm - and the different commitments people have

17:06 Pamela: but we can arrange to meet here together at other times and add to the conversation

17:06 Ken Owino: but etherpad is a great idea, one can always check in later and follow previous conversations

17:06 Pamela: My plan is to get help so that what we share here can also be shared as a blog at

17:07 Pamela: like we share the news of UK-Nigeria meetings through blogs there.

17:07 Ken Owino: Sounds great!

17:07 Ken Owino: You still do that, don't you?

17:08 Pamela: My challenge for this year is to get more people to help with dadamac so we can do more like that.

17:09 Pamela: ken see - Frances' blog

17:10 Julliet: ken where are you based now?

17:10 Julliet: please remind me

17:10 Julliet: pole

17:10 Pamela: and previous to that Nikki's blog - for the answer to that question

17:11 Pamela: now i must go (Julliet knows why) I hope to read more of your chat together next time i log on. BFN

17:12 Ken Owino: I have a challenge to update our blog in Dadamac too but i foresee getting more tine in the coming months

17:12 Ken Owino: yes i will check the link. Bye Pam

17:13 Ken Owino: I an based in Denmark Juliet

17:13 Julliet: oohh Howz denmark

17:13 Julliet: do u come to UK

17:13 Julliet: London

17:14 Ken Owino: it is a nice country but very cold winter

17:14 Ken Owino: yes i have been in London once that was 2 years ago.

17:15 Ken Owino: and you? Hve you been to Scandinavia?

17:15 Julliet: I have been told you enjoy Arts

17:15 Julliet: I enjoy acrobats, drama the lot

17:15 Julliet: never

17:15 Ken Owino: yes i am a performing artist

17:15 Julliet: you need to come again

17:15 Julliet: me too

17:15 Julliet: hhaahaa

17:16 Julliet: we can perharps do something together one day

17:16 Ken Owino: acrobat and dancer but now i am more into teaching and doing arts related projects

17:16 Julliet: r there lots of kenyan in denmark

17:17 Ken Owino: yes definately i would like to come back to UK hopefully when it is not rainy

17:17 Julliet: I dance like the english do hhaaahahaha

17:17 Julliet: its a lovely summer now

17:17 Ken Owino: Kenyans are everywhere in this world. Yes there are many Kenyans in bigger cities here.

17:18 Julliet: ok

17:18 Ken Owino: summer here as been strange. Some days it is like Marsabirt weather

17:19 Ken Owino: and some days it is just a Limuru

17:21 Julliet: bye pamela enjoy you evening

17:21 Julliet: haahaahhaa

17:21 Ken Owino: What do you do in the UK?

17:22 Julliet: Am building on the charity work

17:22 Julliet: I founded

17:23 Ken Owino: great !! And you have some initiatives down in Kenya right?

17:24 Julliet: yes

17:24 Julliet: has pamela told you hhaaahha

17:24 Julliet: she told me about you a while back

17:25 Ken Owino: it is so encouraging to meet Kenyans in diaspora working hard to help in the development of our country

17:25 Julliet: thanks

17:25 Julliet: think you do some work to

17:25 Julliet: Nafsi or ??

17:25 Julliet: is this in kenya

17:26 Julliet: or denmark

17:26 Ken Owino: yes i work in a cirkus and also with an educational oriented project where i give lectures in schools as a guesrt teacher

17:27 Ken Owino: i help fund raise for Nafsis projects here

17:27 Ken Owino: and manages their tour calender

17:28 Ken Owino: in Kenya we hve a street children outreach and rehab. Project

17:29 Ken Owino: yes Pam briefed me abt you

17:29 Jeff LaHay: Hi all, just pulled off the road for some "petrol" as you call it and thought I'd check in:)

17:29 Jeff LaHay: bye for now

17:29 Julliet: welcome jeff

17:30 Julliet: pamela send your apologies

17:30 Julliet: hope you are ok

17:30 Julliet: great

17:30 Julliet: am watching this

17:30 Julliet:

17:31 Ken Owino: Yes that was awhile ago.arts knows no tribes!!!

17:32 Julliet: great work you do

17:32 Julliet: do you do this in nairobi

17:32 Julliet: I know

17:32 Julliet: that is why I founded Diversity in kenya communities

17:32 Ken Owino: am glad Kenyan artists were able to marshal other youths to sensitize Kenyans to embrace peace

17:32 Julliet: you need to be a member

17:33 Julliet: great

17:33 Ken Owino: Great, thanks and yes i wld love to join. do you have a website or link i cld check?

17:33 Julliet: email me on

17:34 Julliet: my number is (phone number removed by Pamela when sharing this more widely)

17:34 Julliet: please do not text

17:34 Ken Owino: yes we work in the slums of Nairobi- Kibera, Mukuru, Mathare, Kawangware, Baba dogo

17:34 Julliet: will send you application to join

17:34 Ken Owino: ok thanks

17:35 Julliet: I get no texts messages so please do not text

17:36 Ken Owino: i get you.

17:37 Ken Owino: Can you tell me a little bit about diversity?

17:37 Ken Owino: oh no i do not have much time left

17:39 Ken Owino: Perhaps another day. My email is 

(phone number removed by Pamela when sharing this more widely)

17:40 Ken Owino: you can send the application there.

17:41 Ken Owino: I have to go now

17:42 Julliet: ok will tell u more when we are back here on thursday next month

17:44 Julliet: let me know which one you are!

17:45 Julliet: on the you tube

17:45 Julliet: enjoyed watching it

17:46 Julliet: this is good

17:50 Ken Owino: thanks.. I will tell you.

17:50 Ken Owino: Bye

17:58 Julliet: kwaheri

17:58 Julliet: bye

17:58 Julliet: great to have met u online at last

17:59 Julliet: and wll tell you lots when we next meet up

17:59 Julliet: what time is it there now

17:59 Julliet: here its 17.35pm

17:59 Julliet: bye

18:00 Julliet: gerry congratulation and thx for giving us this space

18:00 Julliet: sorry etetherpad

18:00 Julliet: etherpad

18:01 Julliet: just gettingthe hug of it and now pamela jst sends me the link and am on

18:02 Julliet: have a good evening pamela

18:05 Julliet: and great work youare doing Ken

18:06 Julliet: I enjoy connecting with people like you alot

18:06 Julliet: and please email me your calender evernt

18:06 Julliet: thx

18:07 Julliet: lovely meeting you comfort, fola and shinguu

18:07 Julliet: shinggu

18:09 Julliet: and fola

18:10 Julliet: it was good to see the connections work better today from nigeria and i look forward to hearing about the fishfarming from Ayorinde Olalekan

18:11 Julliet: and pamela can perharps send him a link

18:12 Julliet: or he checks dadamac link

18:12 Julliet: perharps its going to be easier

18:13 Julliet: bye

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