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Interesting news via Fred Garnett about Gary Saundersposted toUK Free University Network. Relevant to recent blogs on Experiences of Invisible College in Action and Learning - Invisible College, Virtual Academia and Established Academia


I am currently working on a public map that offers a counter-cartography to mainstream higher education (see link: This counter-cartography is part of a militant/-research project that is attempting to link groups that are thinking critically about higher education provision and offer alternative models.

I have started to provide information in collaboration with some of the groups that provide free higher education, although groups may want to write their own description about what they do for the map.

This is a living counter-cartography so please feel free to share it with others, add to it and amend as necessary. I hope this process will allow us to develop a rich and detailed counter-cartography and helps us to network with others who are involved in similar work.

All the very best

Gary Saunders — at The University of Lincoln.

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