(Written by Pamela in March 2012) I was e-introduced to Tariya (by John Dada) when Tariya was in the UK several years ago. We exchanged emails and talked on the phone with a view to Tariya's possible involvement with what we were doing, if he was to stay on  in the UK for long enough. However, his plans then firmed up to return to Nigeria. We met there briefly face-to-face in 2008 at Fantsuam Foundation.

We "bumped ino teach other again on yahoo" on March 19th 2012 and he gave me an update, with permission to share it. The quotes below are snippets from our chat:

Yusuf Tariya - Am in Bauchi.hope to come to the UK in June......I work with a local governance project in Bauchi... am in touch with John (Dada)
We seek to build the capacity of Local Governments to provide better services
its funded by USAID

Pam McLean - so what will bring you to UK?

Yusuf Tariya - looking to start a phd in using local african knowledge to fight climate change .. at the university of leeds ... have been in nigeria since 2007

Pam McLean - I think you got married around that time

Yusuf Tariya 2006 I got married..have two kids now

Yusuf Tariya - I was at de montfort (before) .. have admission (to Leeds) but still trying to get funding .... want to do some volunteering or full time work before october... have applied for a number of studentships though.. waiting to see the outcome..also applied back here

Pam McLean - what kind of volunteering? do you mean "true volunteering" or "provides for your needs and also give you pocket money" kind of volunteering?

Yusuf Tariya - yes dats the kind I will prefer, but I can do true volunteering if the area is challenging and holds promises for a career path

from their Dadamac profile