(Written by Pamela, 23 Sept 2011) I met Yishay through London Knowledge Lab and PRADSA - probably early  2008, maybe before that. I've attended a couple of his LKL workshops, learned more about pattern language through him, and contirbuted to a book related to pattern language that he is co-editing.

He  "practices what he preaches and teaches" and he teaches it well, and he is alwas learning more about it himself, adn sharign what he learns. His blogs and slide shares are valuable resources for anyone interested in 21st century learning approaches and systems.

His profile says


Honorary research fellow at the London Knowledge Lab

Previously: teaching fellow at the Technologies in Education Graduate Programme, the Faculty of Education, University of Haifa.
Interested in the design and use of technology for social and individual empowerment, through opening opportunities for participatory learning, collective action and expression.
Milton Keynes Uk

from their Dadamac profile