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(Written by Pamela) I met Wael online in 2009 and face to face in January 2010, through Franz Nahrada, at the Video Bridge / Grundtvig Workshop. We have a shared interest in global villages.

Later in 2010 I was pleased to find that we had both become involved in Coalition of the Willing.

Wael introduces himself on Wiser Earth by saying "Like a prodigal son, I have returned mid of August 2009 to my Palestinian homeland after 17 years of secure living, studying, and working in Germany. I am now a citizen of Germany, so I will be returning to Palestine as a dual national. I am returning to my homeland, but I will maintain my connection to the global human family I built strong relation to the last year's as a universal human."

In addition to his ideas I particularly admire the great diagrams he does to illustrate his interests.

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