The UK Nigeria team meets online weekly - using Skype typed messages. You can see the summary of these meetings by looking at Nikki's blog.

Alternatively, you may prefer to use the search facility on Dadamac's website to find specific information about a topic that interests you. (Top right of page)

People at the Dadamac meetings are usually John Dada and members of his team at Fantsuam  in rural Nigeria, and Pamela Mclean and Nikki Fishman from Dadamac in the UK. Frances Dada from Fantsuam Foundation's office in Leeds (and a frequent visitor to Fantsuam) also often joins us.

One of the advantages of these meetings being held online is that members can attend from any location  - as long as  they have connectivity. This means that even when they are traveliing (or having a break from some other meeting elsewhere) they are able to join in from where ever they are.

We use typed chat rather than the spoken work because of bandwidth constraints - but find that typing does have various benefits over speech. People who have to arrive late, or get called away, can quickly update themselves on the meeting by reading the discussion so far. There is always a complete archive of the meering which is avaiable to everyone connected with the group. Often, when we look at what has been covered, we think our meeting has been more productive than a comparable speech based meeting would have been.

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