Update 2012 - Tim Unwin is now CEO of the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation

Earlier information

(Written by Pamela in 2010) Tim is the man behind ICTD2010. I first met him when he was director of Imfundo. Later I got to know him better through various online discussion groups, and his ICT4D Collective work, and I was pleased to discover that we were often thinking similar thoughts.

I appreciated that he was a professor who could speak with authority, while I was in a very different situation "doing my own thing". I often found myself in complete agreement with his opinions - and glad he had said somthing that was on my heart, but was better expressed by someone in his position of authority. This was particularly true when he made comments which were obviously well grounded in reality, and were critical of comments based on opinion rather than good information.

As I am an individualistic practitioner in ICT4D, with no role in the formal system, I always appreciate Tim's warm welcome and "seal of approval" when we meet on academic ground.

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