(Written by Pamela 2010) I met Tim through Elfneh Bariso. Elfneh did his post-graduate studies at London Universtiy Institute of Education, and Tim was presenting a series of lunchtime "Technology Tasters". Elfneh had every right to attend. I don't know if they were officially open sessions, but anyhow, I went along with Elfneh and no-one seemed to mind.

The sessions that had most impact on my subsequent work were where Tim demonstrated Blackboard (similar in many ways to Moodle) and i-Linc (audio-graphic conferencing). What I learned about Blackboard gave me the confidence to explore Moodle - which lead to all kinds of useful outcomes. What I learned about I-Linc also had useful outcomes - starting with a three way link up during a Teacher Talking (TT) course, which Tim arranged. It included Tim at the University of London, a representative of Elfneh's organisation "Ahead", plus me and the TT participants (and other interested onlookers) at Fantsuam in Nigeria.

We meet face to face sometimes at London University events such as CDE2010, and I continue to learn from him.

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