Thomas and I (Pamela McLean) met through Andrius Kulikauskas and Minciu Sodas online and in Lithuania (probably in 2008). He showed me and othes around Vilnius, especially Uzhupis - the artists area (which has declared itself a republic and celebrates the fact every April Fools Day). It sets up checkpoints on the bridges across the river leading into Uzhupis - and as you enter the "guards" stamp your passport, hand, shopping list or something before waving you through

Thomas is the Minister of Foreign Affiairs - he told me he already had a UK ambassador - but I could choose a small piece of UK - so I chose to be appointed ambasador for my local bluebell wood.

We next met in London, when he came over to UK to collect a poetry award, and again in Vienna at the Grundtvig Workshop, where his original thinking added an extra dimension.

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