Head of Room to Breathe, Shell Foundation. We haven't met him yet, but we are interested in his work related to Internal Air Pollution - i.e. helping people to cook in ways that avoid smoke inhalation, and, if time, allows we will keep track of the project. When the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves initiative was launched by Hillary Clinton at the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) meeting in September 2010 I did try to connect with it on behalf of the people I know but without success.

First impression are that the stoves in question are expensive ones that would be out of reach of the people that Dadamac connects with at the grass-roots.

I would like to think that the people in charge have asked the opinions of people at the grass roots and that their input has influenced the direction of the project. If not, then Dadamac would happily provide that kind of information.

We are keeping open minds on this and hope the initiative will reach out in practice to be helpful to people in our networks - or others like them.

Shell Centre, York Road, London SE1

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