(Written by Pamela) Sasha lives in Serbia. I met him through Minciu Sodas. He was helping Andrius with the Minciu Sodas wiki and other things.

Sasha used to help me in the early days of First Thursdays. He acted as a co-host and intermediary. We were experimenting with parallel sessions on Elluminate (for high bandwidth people) and in  Andrius' chatroom (for low bandwidth people).

Sasha helped me in many other ways too, and I came to admire his patience as well as his ability to get things done. Often the help that I needed required patient teaching skils online. When I was teaching people about the Internet I would often introduce them to the idea of online supportive communites by "taking them to" the chatroom, and Sasha would usually turn up there soon after we arrived to give a warm welcome.

I remember doing this with the participants of the Teachers Talking course in Kenya in 2007. Not oniy did Sasha welcome them (a great thrill as he was so far away) he answered some serious questions that they asked. When a small group wanted to know more about wikis he gave them an impromptu practical lesson via the chat - a great example of impromptu distance learning.

The fact that Sasha and I were exchanging banter about this teaching approach added to the delight of the participants. (He is a great wiki fan, and I'm not. He was teasing me, because I was with the participants in Kenya, in the same room, but I was getting him to teach them from Serbia) His contribution to the course helped them to understand the social, and collaborative, nature of the Internet - as well as learning about chatrooms and wikis.

He is also a beekeeper and contributed when Dadamac had a Special Interest Group about beekeeping.

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