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Samwel (Sam), Ken Owino and I are "rubbing minds" about how we can collaborate to support Sam and his hopes for community development in Rusinga Island.

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Written by Pamela - I e-met Sam through Minciu Sodas where he was leader of the group Mendenyo. We met a couple of times face to face in Nairobi in 2007 after I had finished working on the Teachers Talking course at Kangundo.

Samwel and his friend Ken Owino (also of Minciu Sodas) gave me a wonderful memorable day out in Nairobi, visiting so many interesting people and places.

We met again in 2009 when Andrius Kulikauskas helped Sam to attend a conference in London. 

He was also a regular online attedee at First Thursdays when they were held in the worknets chatroom. He was connected with the late Maria Agnese Giraudo and is part of Collaborators Connect. A couple of his emails are linked to below. I can provide updates and pointers on how to find more,if you contact me but I do not have the resources to keep updating this information regarding our ongoing conversations.

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Rusinga Island, Lake Victoria, Kenya

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