I met Sabo in 2007 when he helped me to run a Teacher's Talking course at Fantsuam Foundation. He was so good at anticipating what would be needed and making sure that things would run smoothly. He would be around before and afterwards doing extra things that made all the difference. 

In 2008 when we did some experimental distance learning course development work Sabo ran the Fantusam side of things, enabling us to run the course and to learn many useful lessons. I was sorry, but not surprised, when he left Fantsuam to study in USA.

It was at this stage 2008 that I (Nikki) first worked with Sabo - I feel that he contributed to helping establish the weekly UK-Nigeria online meetings.

His return to Nigeria in 2010 was welcome news, quickly followed by the announcement that he had been selected to participate in the 2010 President Barrack Obama’s Forum with Young African Leaders in Washington.

He was back in Kafanchan in March 2011 helping to prepare young people for voting in the April elecions.

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