(Written by Pamela) I am a fan of Philip Butler.  My first memory of being impressed by his work was at a CDE lunch time seminar at the University of London when he was demonstrating how to get the most out of Moodle.  I liked the way he was using Moodle not just to present content and monitor performance, but to enable new kinds of social interactions, group work and peer assessment. I also admired his technical skills and the mixed media he was including in the course content.

Since then I have seen more or his presentations and got to know him better. I see much overlap between his work and what we are trying to implement at the KRC and I appreciate opportunities to learn from him. I hope that one day we will get the opportunity to do some collaborative work, but finding such an opportunity is a challenge as we do operate in rather different systems. To date most of our one-to-one conversations have been during coffee breaks, or "on the hoof" after some event and on the way to a tube station - but we keep intending to arrange a 'proper cup of coffee together" ideally when our mutual friend Elfneh can join us..

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