(written by Pamela)

Update - Sadly Paul died after a short illness in July 2011. He is much missed.

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I met Paul online through Coalition of the Willing (COTW) in 2010.

When something I wrote was republished on COTW's blog (The Future We Got) Paul posted a comment - which I copy here to give an idea of his interests. We grdaully got to know each other better through long skype chats. We are both more interested in the collaboration side of COTW than the technical side of things. 

Paul's comment

Thanks Pamela! check out the 7 quotes in the following “Preface”: & if/when you’ve got a spare 1/2 hour+:

dadamac learner

He became one of the first "self-confessed dadamac learners" when I coined the term in January 2011, so you may find posts from him at the dadamac learners group"s posterous (see introducing dadamac learners group )

More about him and his interest, are at  “Young Ecosystems Scholars Support Services.” (YESSS)

See also my blog "Reflections on a good week at Dadamac - the parts and the whole"

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