(Written by Pamela - February 2011) "Sir Lawie" (real name Olalekan Lawal) and I met Face to Face for the first time on January 28th 2011. We started to explore some plans for future collaboration - some London based, some in Nigeria.. He is a Yoruba man and an enthusiast for sharing Yoruba culture ("Sir Lawie" is a nick-name from school that he has never lost). He is also something of an ICT evangelist, helping parents to keep up with their children.

We first connected online, quite a few years ago, through our shared interest in things Yoruba - probably through the group "Bisharat". Several years ago when I was about to return to SW Nigeria, and wanted to revise some simple spoken greetings, he helped me out. He had all the information I needed online: not just written information, but sound files as well. A year or so ago it was my turn to try and provide some information as (living in London) he wanted an update on various rural realities in Nigeria. I introduced him to Fola by email - and they were able to follow up with yahoo and phones.

Recently we were emailing, and then skyping and phoning, in order to explore some collaboration ideas - so we decided that as we actually both live in London it was time to meet face to face.

from their Dadamac profile