(Written by Pamela) Michael Maranda and I first met through online lists like the Digital Inclusion Network, so we have been aware of our overlapping interests for several years.

We started to connect more on a one-to-one basis in 2010 through Coalition Of The Willing (COTW). I value him both as a visionary and as someone who is supportive of other people's vision. I also appreciate the fact that he is someone who seems equally at home with the technical issues and and with the social issues of digital inclusion and innovation.

The first day that we ever "met by voice" (on Skype) was to explore our shared interests in COTW Michael suggested we also switch on our video link. He then suggested that we should record what we were saying, as it might be useful for COTW.

We have since discovered a shared interest in Pattern Language (PL). PL provides a useful additional perspective for our discussions about COTW, and the relationship between Dadamac and COTW, and other wider issues

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