Written by Pamela. I met Mark through Coalition of the Willing (COTW). To introduce him and his interests I am coying an email that he sent to COTW people

Email from Mark

Mark A Junkunc 19/07/2011 11:14
Below is the project outline for the Catalyst System named “The Coalition of the Willing”

Climate activism is focused on spurring top down administrative action to reduce net carbon emissions. This is vital to fighting climate change in the long term, but it is only part of what is required to transform our societies into sustainable crisis-ready communities. In addition to promoting climate neutrality, we need to facilitate grassroots community-level action where it is needed most: at the site of emerging climate crises.
Emerging climate-related crises include: [1] threats to agriculture and farming, [2] threats to lives and property, [3] threats to ecological and economic sustainability. There is currently no website for mapping these emerging crises and enabling people to respond to them with creative solutions. We propose to fill this gap with the Coalition of the Willing Catalyst System.
•         The Coalition Catalyst will be an open source/open access site for [1] identifying emerging climate-related problems, [2] proposing solutions to these problems, and [3] forming open project teams to action solutions. The site is framed by the film 'Coalition of the Willing', which outlines the mission of the site and the path of future developments.
•         The Film: http://coalitionofthewilling.org.uk
•         The Blog: http://www.coalitionblog.org/2011/06/2033/
•         The Wiki: http://cotw.cc/wiki/Coalition_of_the_Willing
User Stories:
• As an organic farmer, I want to work with others to help define changing patterns of drought and flooding in my region
• As an environmental scientist, I want to work with local knowledge to determine areas of critical deforestation in the Amazon.
• As a resident of the Great Lakes area, I want to help identify seasonal patterns of pollution in the water around Cincinnati.
• As a student activist, I want to connect with other students in the greater London area who are preparing to protest against the government's policy on coal-fired power stations.
• As a volunteer doctor, I want to help track the spread of malaria in the Nairobi area.
• As a health conscious vegetarian I want to support good health for myself and my community by finding a local organic health store so that local farming and I live long and prosper.
• As a resident of the Great Lakes I want to know where I can swim in fresh clean lake water so that I can go camping, swimming, and fishing with my kids and not worry about getting sick from contaminated water.
• As a small business owner in a region prone to flooding, I want to know how to flood-proof my premises so that they are secure from wild weather.
• As a community leader, I want to identify the green issues that matter most to people in the Bay area.

Similar Projects and Resources:
•         http://www.padmapper.com/
•         http://counterspill.org/
•         http://www.messagesforjapan.com/messages/map/
In addition to this I have wireframes and designs for the UI and UX already completed and ready to share.

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