Written by Pamela - I don't know Marcin personally except for a Skype call some years back and a few emails.

I am very interested in the work he is doing (see links below) as it seems it could be relevant to John Dada at Attachab - and if relevant there then also relevant to others. I also admire the way he is showing his work as it goes along through the videos on his blog. I appreciate

  • the time it takes to share what you are doing as well as doing it
  • the courage it takes to tell a story as it happens, with no certainly of how things will turn out
  • the skills and perseverance it takes to keep creating the videos

I'm aware he is a controversial character, arousing strong feeling both in his supporters and his detractors. (I mention this because I always try to give accurate and complete information, and here I'm show-casing what he is doing, without knowing it properly myself.)

People who have spent time at factor-e farm include

  • Andrius Kulikauskas
  • Ben de Vries
  • Vinay Gupta
Associated Dadamac Initiatives: 

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