(Written by Nikki) Ken is Kenyan, currently (July 2010) based in Denmark. He leads Nafsi acrobats, and was very active in Pyramid of Peace, during the post election turmoil. Pam and Ken first met years ago through Minciu Sodas, where Ken was leading the nafsi Afrika acrobats online group <>. Pam and Ken have discussed many things in depth over the years.  They met Face2Face in Kenya in 2007 (during Pam's visit to present Teachers Talking) and again in 2008 when they were both in Lithuania for a week or so (thanks to Andrius Kulikauskas of Minciu Sodas) and in 2010 in London.

For background on Ken see and  In the video Ken is the acrobat waving the Peace Flag. He is also the first of the two adult speakers at the end. The other is James.(Ken is a Luo and James is a Kikuyu). The children in the video were trained by the Nafsi acrobats, who act like "visiting PE teachers" in various schools in Kibera.


from their Dadamac profile