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  • Kelechi Micheals - Agic Business / ICT Entrepreneur : IMO State, Nigeria. Working hard to stabilise my young business venture KElcrop Enterprises. Kelcrop's primary focus is agriculture and ICT: currently building poultry, snail, fish farms and testing out suitable crops for future cultivation targeting both local and international market. We will be working closely with local communities to share expertise in various fields: agric, ICT, learning (research and development) and microfinancing. Right now, we still tiny and growing with lots of ideas ..... follow us on twitter at @kelcropENT ( http://twitter.com/kelcropEnt , http://twitter.com/kelechibg ) website will be up soon. Before all this I worked with FAntsuam Foundation as Operations manager. It was an interesting period working with John Dada, Pam, Comfort, Shinggu and all the team at Fantsaum. Fantsuam provided a wonderful opportunity to develoip my leadership skills, entrepreneurship skills too. With John Dada providing guidance and mentorship all along. Great guy. I am currently in a project office with a friend who is deploying IT Solutions for a small transport company. Am providing a little support and earning extra cash to feed my business.. In ICT we do lots of things. Business integration, MIS, and we love open source.

Updated by Pamela 2012 - Kelechi left Fantsuam Foundation in 2011 to return to the South of Nigeria, Igboland, after the ethnic and religious violence that rocked Fantsuam following the 2011 presidential elections. We catch up online from time to time.

(Written by Nikki 2010) Kelechi Micheals is the Programme Operation Manager at Fantsuam Foundation. He is a core member of the UK-Nigeria team who meet every Wednesday online using a Skype typed conference.

(Written by Pamela) Kelechi and I first met in 2008 at Fantsuam Foundation where we collaborated on the Self-Directed Learning course, and the production of the Fantsuam video. (John said he needed the video. Pamela organised it. Kelechi took care of all the camerawork and editing). At that time Kelechi was fairly new to Fantsuam Foundation.

He now holds several posts of responsibility relating to the Knowledge Resource Centre, the Fantsuam Academy, and Zittnet.  At the time of writing (December 2010) we continue to collaborate, meeting at the weekly Dadamac online team meetings, at some First Thursday meetings, and informally on Skype and Yahoo.

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