I first e-met Jimmy Cocking on 10 January 2011 through Coalition of the Willing He wrote:

Hi all,
My name is Jimmy Cocking. I am living in Alice Springs in the centre of remote Australia. I have been sitting quietly on this list as I am not a tech-head with the skills in programming etc but I coordinate a small-medium environmental organisation called the Arid Lands Environment Centre (www.alec.org.au). I came to this list after excitedly tracking down Tim after watching COTW. I am currently working on a number of local environmental projects including community gardens, water efficiency programs, solar energy roll-outs, challenging the nuclear industry and adapting/building resilience to climate change. I am also on the steering committee for a national environmental thinktank - the Future Forum. I am a recent convert to resilience-thinking and complex systems science. I am working on the ground to help make all this stuff make sense to the layperson (as i make sense of it myself). I look forward to working with you all in the future and hope i can be of assistance in this huge task we have all set ourselves with. I have attached a couple of articles that may be of interest. I'm into mainstreaming resilience thinking and helping being a vector for positive societal change.

In solidarity from outback Australia.


 I replied with a post "resilience thinking and being a vector for positive societal change" The two attachments he mentioned are given below. I was particularly interested in his interest in systems and network theory.

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