Written by Pamela. I've never met James Quilligan, but I came across a link to his work via the email below from Geoge Por, and I don't want to forget about him and his work. It seems very relevant to my interests in emergent economic systems of the 21st centruy.

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From: Technoshaman <george.por@gmail.com> Date: 9 July 2011 11:00
Subject: the Commoning Game To: Contact <contactsummit@googlegroups.com>

I envision the game as a path to create and empower a global
constituency to practice:

“Commons-ownership and governance of a new currency that can out-
compete any corporate model, and fund the development & implementation
of further capabilities, including  a more resilient Commons.” (Tom
Crowl, in: http://groups.google.com/group/contactsummit/msg/c665ab83e0df7056

By suggesting a game I don’t want to trivialize the unresolved
challenges around the issues of ownership ad governance of any global
commons. The good news is that the to engage in the collaborative,
rigorous and systemic inquiry needed to meet the, we don’t have to
start that inquiry from scratch. There’s a relevant and remarkable
line of research that has been pioneered by Commons economist, James
B. Quilligan http://p2pfoundation.net/James_Quilligan and others.

What is needed is a productive dialogue between the game development
team and the Commons economists. In this post, I want to test the
game’s core idea as it has been emerging from the conversations on the
School of Commoning and with other interested commoners.(email continues)

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