Pamela wrote - Gary and I met several years ago. He gave me a copy of his book of eGaia, Growing a peaceful sustainable Earth through communications (on condition that I made good use of it and didn't just use it as a door stop). It really shifted my thinking. (and I  discussed some bits of it with him via FaceBook as I was reading it). The book is available to download or to buy.

I continue to share the  book and the ideas with people. I renewed contact with Gary in 2010 to let him know about Vinay Gupta's book the Future We Deserve and to suggest he might write somthing for it. October 23, 2010 e-Gaia, the Future we Deserve and introducing people

Note - August 9th 2012 - problem with link - hope its temporary - this is alternative but more limited information about the book -

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