(Written by Pamela) Unusually for me I met Fred face to face on several occasions before starting to connect with him online. Our paths have crossed at the London Knowledge Lab, School of Everything Uplugged and elsewhere.

Besides appreciating his interest is education - check his blog for this - I'm also in awe of his incredible knowledge of London. If ever you get the chance to walk from A to B with Fred do take it - I love the way he keeps offering snippets of local knowledge (past and present) every few steps of the way.

Updated October 8th 2011- I know Fred better now. He stands very interestingly between formal and non-fromal education, with deep knowledge of how things really work. Read more about him here: copied from http://univproject.pbworks.com/w/page/45692381/People%3A

Fred Garnett (@fredgarnett) Part of Learner-Generated Contexts Research Group who developed the post web2 Open Context Model of Learning. Also realised that new collaborative pedagogies needed new adaptive organisational structures, so been working on organisational Architectures of Participation. Institutional change needs policy change because we need participative democratic structures to enable a model of co-creating learning, or scholarship, to evolve. Developed the Emergent Learning Model as a framework to allow learning-centric processes to evolve; currently using this on the Ambient Learning City project in Manchester, and WikiQuals; the post-hoc accreditation of learning.

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