(Written by Pamela) I know Francis through the Meetup group GlobalNet21 - previously known as 21st century network. He is the organiser. it is a great group for anyone interested in the interelated issues of our rapidly changing world. There are excellent face to face meetings in London and webinars too. To understand more about the thinking behind the group read Francis' book "Global Public square".

I'll use Francis' own words  from GN21 to introduce him and I ecnourage you to go and explore the GN21 link to discover more about his work.

Francis Sealey

Organizer since: April 3, 2007


I started this group so that we can get people together who share similar values and maybe even start similar groups up elsewhere.

My interests are in education, social change and engagement. It is vital that we discuss the great issues of the 21st century and develop a new form of democracy where people can again be involved.

Additional Information

"Would like to meet others who like me believe that we need to develop a new form of humanism - values of global compassion, personal self-discovery, shared development, planetary concern and a love of community. "

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