Written by Pamela  - Dearbhaile and I met in the kitchen of the Sustainability Centre hostel at the start of Dark Mountain Festival. We discovered overlapping vision. Later I went to her session and discovered that I loved her down-to-earth kind of poetry.

She expresses in a few words so many ideas, feelings, and insights that I relate to completely - but could never express the way she does. The emphasis is slightly different,but we both see this as a time when the industrial growth society is giving way to some other future - a future for which we have a responsibility and a related need to act.

On her short video, Visions of Transition, she introduces herself and shares three poems

  • This is me hat - helping activists to get up and get on
  • Great turning times - the wider context of finding and building a better more sustainable future
  • Snake - emerging into something better

She also has a blog where you can get to know her and her work better.

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