(Written by Pamela) David and I met in 2007 through Chris Macrae, and had a deep and interesting discussion. Subsequently our paths crossed quite often at Tuttle club and similar meetings, but only in a brief, causal way. We came together again in London in the summer of 2010 around the time of David's “leaving party”, and some meetings that got me deeply intersted in his ideas. I was really sorry I had not got to know him better while he was living in London.

Since he moved away from London we have kept in touch and made efforts to meet when he is passing through - actually doing better at meeting than we did when we both lived on the same side of the Thames. And now we know each other well we are starting to make use of Skype video chats as well (but not for "small talk" - we tend to quickly dive into deep issues that are our current major concerns).

He has written some intriguing ideas, some published in slim volumes and available through Lulu, and more in a wondrously convoluted interwoven collecion of stories ideas and mental experiences in a non-linear book called "Truth" - which is soooo heavy I can't carry it around to read on buses - but is highly enjoyable to dip into (especially when David is around to argue/discuss with).

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