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David Mutua and Pamela McLean met through VSO (Voluntary Services Overseas)

Pamela was trying to find someone, through VSO, to continue the work of Peter Adetunji Oyawale and David voluteered. He and Pam started emailing each other, while he was still at home in Kenya, before he started his placement.

In August 2002 they met Face to Face in Ibadan, at a meeting arranged by the Oke-Ogun Community Develpment Network Committee - Chief Adetola, Chief Gbade Adejumo, Chief Michael Mojoyinola, and Peter's uncle, Mr Timothy Oyawale.

David had just completed his VSO induction course in Abuja and Pam, who was teaching in the UK, had come to Nigeria during her summer holiday. David did an amazing job creating the Ago-Are information Centre - armed with little more than his own initiative and a few contacts. There was no budget, no office, and when he asked Pam about meeting the manager he discovered that he was to be the manager.  There was of course great vision - but it was Peter's vision, and he was no longer alive. David has Pam's unending admiration for what he achieved in Ago-Are.

The Ago-Are Information Centre opened in 2003. It's progess was covered through a newsletter thanks to Tobias Elgen of Kabissa.

After David's time with VSO he worked at Fantsuam Foundation with John Dada, then returned home to Kenya.  He set up an organisation there based on what he had learned during his time in Nigeria. With the help of Krisha Alluri of Commonwealth of Learning and Pamela he arranged a Teachers Talking project in Kenya.

David is now married and living in USA.


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