(Written by Pamela) David and I are not related to each other - McLean is a common surname. We first met online. It was probably as far back as 2004, or even earlier. Certainly it was when I was involved with the Information Centre at Ago-Are rather than with Fantsuam Foundation.

We had a shared interest in development in Nigeria but from very different perspectives. David had a long professional history of related work, and consultancy. I was a comparative newby to all things related to Nigeria and the bigger picture,  with no background except for helping Peter Oyawale and all that had led to. David kindly let me pick his brains for hours by phone.

Later, he invited me to contribute to a couple of courses that he was organising for Crown Agents - where I did sessions that gave a different, and very practical, rural perspective.

We last met Face to Face in 2007, again at Crown Agents, when we were both onsite on the same date, contributing to other courses.

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