(Contributed by Pamela) The network of people making up the Coalition of the Willing began around a film addressing climate change issues..

I first became aware of it through Michael Maranda and the Digital Inclusion Network.  I got more involved with the group through Movement Camp and related discussions

After Movement Camp - from Michael Maranda and Tim RaynerOctober 24, 2010

On Dadamac Day People from Coalition of the Willing sent messages of support for our annual celebration (at the Knowledge Resource Centre) with its theme Dadamac Goes Glocal

Dadamac Day - These messages of support received with thanks November 4, 2010

It is very active online, one of its projects being to develop appropriate software to help differeint projects, people and organsiations to find each other - see "project matching".

To find out more about Coalition of the Willing see its blog.

To get involved go to the portal or ProM.

from their Dadamac profile