Dadamac Profile: 

(Written by Pamela, updae March 2012). Charley and I met through Coalition of the Willing (probably towards the end of 2010). We followed up with skype chats, in groups and one-to-one.

Charley explored and my posterous sites. He is a great encourager and patient teacher. He helped me behind the scenes and, through his actions, demonstrated that he saw value in what I was trying to offer.

He reduced my negative attitude towards CotW's wiki based approach, and I soon came to value him as the "bridge builder" between dadamac and the CotW techies. I saw him as the initiator and hidden hand behind the permeable membrane that came to exist  between the two networks. However things happened during 2012, including the Occupy Movement and a related shift in the emphais of CotW, during a time when Charley wasn't free to work on the Dadamac CotW relationship.

Our collaborative emphasis moved to our personally shared interests  - especially  eco-development and alternative education.

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